Sports Betting Tips

If you are looking forward to enter the sports betting scene, then this article is made for you. It contains different betting tips and advices alongside other important topics such as spread Betting and using a Betting Calculator. First things first, the tips and the advices:

1- Money Management:

This has to be the most essential aspect of sports betting and perhaps, the most neglected aspect as well.  Money management means that before you venture off in any sports betting escapades, it is important to know your limits and never to bet money that you cannot afford to lose. You have to specify a gambling budget that you can use to bet on sports, if you win, add to that budget and if you lose you take from that budget but you only stick with this bankroll and never add to it from your own money. You should also look into spreading your gambling budget on a number of smaller bets because it will help you gain a profit in the long term if you do your homework.

2- Doing Your Homework:

Before placing bets, you have to study what you are betting on. Choose a niche and start to follow it closely and study it. For instance, if you become an expert in the WAC, there is a good chance that you will beat the house because you know the WAC because you have studied it carefully.

3- Don’t Gamble Under the Influence:

You have to have a clear mind when you are placing your bets, alcohol will cloud your judgment and you will not see things clearly. This is why casinos offer gamblers alcohol on the house. So in order to be a successful sports gambler, you have to place the bets while having a clear mind, so if you have had any drinks, it is better to stay far away from the betting window.

4-Check the Different Odds:

You have to check the odds at more than one bookmaker as different bookmakers offer different odds and some of them are better than others. So do not make any hasty decisions and check different odds before you place any wagers so you can be sure that you are betting on the best odds.

What is Spread Betting?

Spread betting is a special type of betting. This type involves a figure that is set by a sports bookmaker for a specific event, if you plan to bet, you will be able to higher or lower. If the bet that they have specified is correct in your opinion, then you do not bet. These spread bets are only offered by specialist companies and they cannot be found at regular bookmakers. One of the markets that uses spread betting is the total goals scored market for football. In this sport, they will set the predicted number of goals and you can “Buy” which means that you predict that the number of goals will be higher than the figure that they stated or you can “Sell”, which means that you predicts a lower number of goals than the number they stated.

An Example:

 If a spread betting firm sets the number of goals to be equal 3. If you “Buy” a £20 bet, it means that you believe that there will be more than 3 goals scored. So if six goals were scored, you will win a total of £60. This is because they stated three goals and you “Bought” a £20 stake, so it means you will get £20 for each extra goal, so £20 x 3 = £60.

The same way is used to calculate losses. For example, if the spread betting firm specified 10 corners and you decided to “Sell” a bet of £20 and the match contained 18 corners. The difference between the specified number (10) and the number of corners (18) is equal 8. It will be multiplied by the bet (£20) so you will lose £20 x 8 = £160.

What is a Betting Calculator?

A betting calculator is simple software that you will use while placing wagers at an Exchange and at a bookmaker, it will help you calculate the amount of stake you should place at the bookmaker and the exchange so you can earn a profit.  This is because if you place two equal stakes in an Exchange and at a Bookmaker, the profits will decrease over time. If you lose, it will be fine because you will win at the exchange and lose at the bookmaker, so you lost the same amount you have won. On the other hand, if your bookie wager wins, you will lose more at the exchange because of the commission they take from your winnings and the higher odds.

This is why you should use a betting calculator, it will help you divide the profits and the losses on both by calculating exactly the amount of the lay stake you should place in the Betting Exchange. There are a lot of betting calculators that can be found on the internet but most of them are the same as they serve the same purpose.

At any betting calculator, you will see several fields, these fields include:

Back Odds: the odds that the bookmaker offers

Back Stake: The stake that you place at the bookmaker

Lay Odds: The odds that the betting exchange offers

Free Bet (S R): It is a free bet where the stake is returned

Free Bet (S  NR): It is a free bet where the stake isn’t returned

Qualifier: Bet to qualify for one of the two free bets.

Resulting from your input, you will get the amount of the Lay stake that you will need to bet in the betting exchange. Of course, these calculations can be done manually but it takes a lot of time, effort and concentration. This is why a betting calculator is a necessary tool for any sports bettor.


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