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Ladbrokes Sports Betting

The best in betting in Irelandand the UK, Ladbrokes is a London company built over 120 years ago.  Ladbrokes is online sports betting and has over two-thousand brick betting shops all acrossEurope.  Placing real money wagers is really simple with their expedited registration system, plus new players are eligible for £50 in free bets.


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Depending on how you want to make bets with Ladbrokes, you’ll have a mobile option and a website option.  Ladbrokes mobile betting is one of the best thought out apps from all of the bookmakers.  The Ladbrokes app gives you live streaming access to all the scores in real time.  Their website is also simple to navigate and placing bets is quick so that you can get back to watching the game or race.  They also accept bets over the phone and digital television.

Fast Pay

Ladbrokes is a highly reputed bookmaker and have become so over their 100 plus years in operation.  The key to their success is fair play and paying out quickly.  Another reason that they are such a trusted bookmaker is that they have been listed on the London Stock Exchange since the late sixties.


There is a bit of a trade off as a online bettor.  You will get the opportunities for some of the highest payouts of all online betting shops, but the odds are not always the best.  They are still very fair, especially considering the very high limits.


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Ladbrokes Extras

They  also delivers several other extras included for both free on their website as well as for registered members.  There are live scores, racing commentary, horse results, football stats and then they also have the Odds On! rewards program.  Ladbrokes Odds On! Card is how members can earn reward points every time they place a bet at a brick Ladbrokes location.  It is a simple program for earning free bets with Ladbrokes.  You’ll also find a very helpful online bet calculator on the website.

Casino and Poker

They have also opened up an online casino and poker room.  These are great places to stop in when you are waiting on a horse race or a match.  Ladbrokes casino and poker also have excellent benefits for its members, so stop in online today.

Ladbrokes Sports

They offer betting on everything from A to Z including everything from awards programs to Winter sports.  You also have access to NHL Hockey betting, NFL American Football,Rugby, Football, Olympics betting, virtual horses, greyhound racing and more.

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Why Ladbrokes?

Easy, they know what they are doing and they are very good at it.  With over a hundred years of experience and being the most widely visible sportsbook in theUKandEurope, one could even say that Ladbrokes is a sure bet for fair betting and high payouts.


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  1. CASH MONEY! Thank you Ladbrokes. Your mobile app has done wonders for my game and my wallet. Kind of stingy with the odds, but I can still work with it. Cheers!

  2. 50 Free in Bets! Had quite a show the other night, won 7 out of my 8 bets and took home some cash. Ladbrokes, good people there, I like there walk-in operation and their online site too.

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